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Article : Taking Charge of Your Career 

March 2020 

Featured in Lifting the Law blog post ‘Taking Charge of Your Career’.

Jasmin speaks about the best ways to create opportunities for yourself, such as networking, researching effectively and using social media in a productive way.

‘Social media connected me to London Young Lawyers, Legal Check and various legal podcasts that have invited me to events, enhanced my commercial awareness and shared multiple opportunities that are available to me.’

You can read the full blog post here.

Image credit: https://liftingthelaw.wixsite.com/jbrown/post/taking-charge-of-your-career

Legal Cheek Podcast: Junior City lawyers chat about big firm life

January 2020


Our Chair Olly Haddock and employment lawyer Kayleigh Leonie have a chat with Eloise Skinner on the Legal Cheek Podcast ‘Junior City lawyers chat about big firm life‘.

The podcast covers a variety of topics such as City law life, reasons for pursuing a career in law and practical tips for the modern lawyer.


Mental health wellbeing and mindfulness

The trio also discuss the importance of mental health and wellbeing for junior lawyers at work. In  2017 and 2019 Kayleigh Leonie created two surveys that were sent out by the Law Society to junior lawyers. These surveys aimed to gather information on the impact of stress on individuals within the legal profession. The 2019 survey revealed that “one in 15 junior lawyers said that they experienced suicidal thoughts as a direct result of experiencing stress at work”. 

Olly Haddock provides helpful and practical steps to reduce such stress and to take control of wellbeing at work. Olly describes mindfulness as having an “element of self-awareness” which requires people to “really think and reflect on what it is that makes you feel good”. Simple steps such as reducing your caffeine intake can be really effective to help improve your wellbeing.

Listen below to hear the full podcast which includes more helpful tips as well as insights into a career in the law (and to find out Olly’s hidden talent!).


Olly Haddock, Kayleigh Leonie and Legal Cheek Podcast host, Eloise Skinner, pictured above.



You can access the full Legal Cheek article accompanying the podcast here.


Legally Speaking Podcast: Legally Connected

November 2019


Check out our Chair Nicola Rubbert and Vice-Chair Olly Haddock being interviewed on podcast Legally Speaking, their episode is called Legally Connected and they talk about their love for legal networking and the London Young Lawyers Group.


Nicola Rubbert and Olly Haddock with Legally Speaking host, Rob Hanna, pictured above.

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